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Content is King

“Content is King,” is the famous quote uttered by none other than Bill Gates, and this is never more true than today. Google consistently ranks and rewards good, informative content that helps your customer and if Google is happy then so are we. Here at Laing Copywriting, we work with SEO agencies, website companies, and businesses to produce SEO-friendly content, that will work with your SEO strategy, and provide engaging content for your customers.




What do we do?

We work with SEO professionals, website companies, and businesses to produce content. Whether you require a freelancer to outsource regular SEO content requirements to, a complete website for a client, or a blog package that will not detract from your SEO strategy we can help. We work with many different companies across different industries, from automotive, engineering, education, and care. No matter the industry, the principles of writing good SEO-friendly copy remain the same, founded on intelligent and thorough research, combined with a deep understanding of how content fits into marketing, our copy will attract and engage customers.

What is SEO-friendly copy?

Keyword research is a cornerstone of SEO. These are the words that need to be in your website for it to rank well on Google. In the old days, people would “stuff” these keywords into their web pages, to achieve the ranking, but Google has become wise to such tricks. Today, the only way to get your keywords into your website is to write them in. The key to good SEO copywriting is to include the words needed, whilst providing informative and interesting copy that shows you to be a leading authority in your field. You may need the keywords to get your potential customers to your website, but you need engaging content to convert them.

Why do I need it?

The latest statistics for consumer habits show that 97% of people will search online for a local business. 97%! And 75% of people will never scroll past the first page of Google. If your website is not ranking, you are losing out on the majority of potential customers. Whilst SEO isn’t simply about the content, it is an important component in building a complete strategy. Using a copywriter who specialises in SEO-friendly copy gives you an instant level of experience and understanding.

Why work with Laing Copywriting?

Our background in marketing gives us a deep understanding of the key principles of marketing and business. Combined with an elegant turn of phrase, and the ability to clearly and concisely convey USPs and CTAs, our copy will attract and engage your customers. Our key focus is on providing SEO- friendly copy and we work with leading SEO agencies and professionals. By focusing on this core offering, we have been able to develop and hone our skills in this area. We are experienced, dedicated, and knowledgeable. We understand that when we work with your SEO agency, providing a service for your customers, we are part of your team. The standard of our work reflects upon you, and we will always be aware of the responsibility that this brings with it. We will always represent your company in a professional and honourable way. Each project that we carry out will be approached with the same enthusiasm, professionalism, and dedication that we are renowned for. We appreciate that you are often working with tight budgets for your clients, and we always offer competitive pricing, without diminishing the service that we provide. For a professional, reliable and competitive copywriting service, from a team that understands SEO, marketing, and business – work with us.

Next steps?

If you are looking for a freelance copywriter to support your SEO content creation, then you have found us. If you are a website developer fed up with waiting on your client to produce their own content, then you have found us. If you are looking for a regular blog, to provide consistent, fresh, and informative content to your website, then you have found us. Because words matter, contact us today on 07855 384547 or by email to