We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit – Aristotle, philosopher

We work with a variety of different clients and below are a few examples of projects that we have undertaken.

Project – Black Pear EV Charging


The client was Black Pear EV Charging. A long-standing electrical company who were creating a separate website to promote the installation of EV charging units for electric cars. We worked with the website development agency Sleep. Create. Repeat. and the SEO agency Ready Steady Go SEO to provide 14 pages of content written using SEO software to optimise the content.


We worked with Black Pear and the other professionals to ensure that the content was delivered to an extremely high standard. The website content was delivered to the client, who was pleased with the level of detail and research behind the content. The website was successfully launched with excellent feedback from clients.

To visit Black Pear EV Charging please click here

Project – Glazing Systems


As part of Glazing Systems’ ongoing SEO strategy, with 3W Consulting they required a regular SEO-friendly blog to drive traffic to their website.


We created regular informative blogs for the client, to support their SEO strategy. The content was written using SEO software to ensure that it was highly optimised to increase Google ranking. Traffic to the website increased as a result of their SEO strategy and continues to deliver.

To read the Glazing Systems blog please click here

Project – Dog Kennels Direct


To improve the quality of the content as part of the SEO strategy, created by 3W Consulting for Dog Kennels Direct. Some of the product descriptions had sparse content that did not contain vital keywords.


As part of their ongoing SEO strategy, we improved and expanded on their content to ensure that it was informative for the customer, as well as being SEO friendly. The content was written using SEO software and delivered regularly as part of their SEO plan.

To read an example of a product description for Dog Kennels Direct please click here


“I can safely say that you have been by far the best content writer I’ve had the pleasure of working with.” Guy Willett – Ready Steady Go SEO

“We consider Laing Copywriting a key part of our team and we use them to deliver regular high quality monthly SEO optimised content to us. I would totally recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable and excellent writing services. Adrian Hibbs – 3W Consulting